About Us

Hello!  I am so glad you found my site!  I am a 61 year old wife/mother/grandmother whose life was turned upside down in 2010, due to a botched gallbladder surgery, that left me with chronic pain!  Prior to the botched surgery, I had purchased a single needle embroidery machine, and taught myself to use it.  While I do love to embroider, I quickly became fascinated with the creation process in designing the designs!  So after the surgery left me unable to work outside the home, my husband purchased me a 6 needle commercial machine!  Once again, I taught myself to use it, but I was also determined to learn digitizing.

With pain as a constant companion, I have found that I need something challenging to focus my attention on, therefore I won’t think about how I feel as much!  That’s where digitizing comes in!  I love to be able to create a design, then take it to my machine and see it sew out beautifully!  It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy my designs as much as I have enjoyed creating them!!!

At Applique Angel it is my mission to provide quality applique and filled designs. All designs are created with you in mind! I strive to create cute designs in keeping with the current trends. All of my designs are created by me and I am delighted that you have stopped by my site!

I do use some clip art in the creation of some of my designs.  When I use clip art, it will come  from one of these sites.