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It’s Own Story

Summer is here!  Time to go to the beach, plan a camping trip, fishing, swimming and of course barbecuing with family and friends.  There are many things to get our attention and keep us busy in the summer.

When I think of summer, I think of walking on the beach with my granddaughter, looking for shells as the water splashes over our toes!  I also think of boating with my husband and fishing until almost too dark to see, then coming home to cook our catch of the day!  I think of camping on the sandbar at the river, listening to the owls calling out to one another while enjoying the twinkling of the fireflies all around us.  I think of looking up into a star-filled night in awe and wonder!!    And I am sure you have memories to treasure with family and friends.

Here we are, half way through this year!  Wow, it seems as though the year is flying by!!  Whatever your plans are for the summer, make time to do some stitching too.  There are many summer designs already posted on my website, and I am adding new designs weekly, so come by and check them out.

Enjoy your summer and remember “Every Summer Has It’s Own Story”.Its own Story

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Smooth Stitching by Carolyn

Applique Angel IconHello everyone!

This is my first attempt at creating an embroidery blog.

First of all, let me introduce myself.  As you have guessed from the name of my blog, my name is Carolyn, and I am the owner and digitizer of Applique Angel machine embroidery designs.  I am on the edge of turning 64(holding on to 63 as long as I can) on June 3.  I live in the deep south, so if I throw in a y’all every now and then, it is in my nature to speak that way.  Now we can move on to how I got started in embroidery.

Growing up I had no interest in sewing at all!  Who knew, that later in life, it would become my passion?  I started embroidering around 2010 with a second hand, single needle embroidery machine.  I fell in love with it, and I was fascinated to watch a design go from my design software to my embroidery machine and stitch out perfectly!  Wow was I ever impressed!!  I almost finished that little embroidery machine off with all the stitching I did.  There was always a reason to be stitching, birthdays, the grandchildren needed new shirts(the best reason), holidays, back to school, seasonal designs….and the list could go on for days!  If you love embroidery, do you really need a reason to stitch?  I’m sure you can find one!!

I continued to embroider with the single-needle until February of 2014.  I moved up to the machine which I still own and currently use, Baby Lock Endurance.  My embroidery expanded with this machine.  With my small machine I was doing only flat type items, shirts, towels, some In The Hoop(ITH) items and so on.  Now I could do ball caps, purses, lawn chairs, sun hats, boots and the list goes on!!  Boy was I ever one happy camper!!(I was happy y’all!)  And the whole process of embroidery was and still is fascinating to me!  But I became even more fascinated with the stitch out process.  I found it amazing to think that anyone could create these beautiful designs I was stitching, and how could they do it?(My start into digitizing!)

So my fascination with all things embroidery has brought me to where I am today.  I love what I do, I am very passionate about creating beautiful designs to enhance your projects.  I stitch, every day except Sunday.  And I still love it!!  Even more than when I first started, if that is possible!

I am glad to welcome you into my sewing circle and I hope you will like what you see!