Embroidery Supplies

Here are a few of the supplies I use.  Need some?  For your convenience just click the image to order.

This Vilene Water Soluble is excellent for making all those beautiful freestanding lace designs.  Just hoop 2 squares that are just larger than you hoop and make sure it is taut in your hoop and stitch away!

Vilene Water Soluble Stabilizer
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I absolutely love these snips!  They have a little curved blade on one side to hook, even the tiniest piece of embroidery thread so you can snip it.  I couldn’t do without mine!

Havel’s Snip-a-Stitch
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And I highly recommend these applique scissors.  The pointy tip make it excellent for getting into close places to trim around your tack down stitches and I love them so much, I am on my second pair!  A must have for me!!

Heritage VP1 Machine Embroidery Shear with Micro tips and Curved Blades
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Use this on the back of your fabric to give your embroidery a clean look.  Nothing bothers me more than fuzzies around an applique.  Iron this on back of your fabric and trim close to tack down stitch for a professional look.

Heat’n Bond Non-Woven Light Weight Fusible 20″X25 Yards-White
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Here is some good embroidery software to transfer the designs from your computer to your embroidery machine!

Brother PE Design Lite Embroidery Software – Comes with Rewritable Embroidery Card + Reader/Writer Box + Auto-Digitizing Capabilities + 35 Fonts!!!
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