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End of Summer, Already?!

Wow, here it is August!  Where has this year gone??  It seems to have flown by in a blur, and here we are with the end of Summer quickly approaching.  I hope you and your family have enjoyed the summer and made lots of memories to cherish.  I have enjoyed the summer,  with a trip to the beach with my son and his family and enjoyed watching my granddaughter play in the sand and watching the waves tickle our toes as we gathered sea treasures along the water’s edge.  I also was blessed to be able to fly with my husband to New Mexico to visit my son and his family that live there.  It was so good to be able to spend time with them, we have missed them so much!  Our son took us to many different places while there and while it is so different from Alabama, it has it’s own beauty!  We visited several parks, and saw the Pecos River, which is very beautiful, and made lots of memories to treasure while there.  But I must say, I have never seen so many windmills!  They are everywhere!! I also had a close encounter with a Western Coach Whip, which I was able to photograph.(pictures on my fan page on FB)  It was a great trip, and we had a wonderful time while there.

As we see the summer winding down, we see the approach of school starting, and all the activities involved with it!  Football season is right here at us, are you ready to support your favorite team?  My husband is getting cranked up as we speak!!  He is a BIG Alabama Crimson Tide fan!!  You can feel the excitement in the air!!

And I must say, I think the rest of the year will seem to fly by as well.  Are you thinking Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas yet?  I find myself thinking along those lines, and I plan to have a lot of new designs for you to choose from to make your holidays brighter!  But for now, enjoy the last month of summer and don’t forget to keep a check for new designs!!I love Summer-2