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A touch of Fall in the air!

September has made it’s appearance, and with it cooler temperatures.(In most places!)  Here in the South, the fall brings much needed relief from the sweltering hot days of the summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer!!  I am a beach person at heart!  Nothing soothes my heart quite like a stroll on the beach, letting the waves tickle my toes as I search for the treasures the waves have washed up, just for me!!  To be honest with you, the beach never goes out of style with me, regardless of the season.

With the approach of Fall, I begin to think of campfires on a chilly night.  Nothing quite like gathering around a campfire sharing tales, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.  I love to take photographs and the colors of fall are amazing to me.  With the slightest breeze the leaves slowly twirl to the ground.  It’s almost hypnotic to watch them!  Butterflies seem to be everywhere too.

I could go on and on about Fall, but the main thing I need to point out is that the holidays are quickly approaching.   Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!  If we start now, we can be prepared with beautiful gifts for our families and friends.  To me, there is nothing  more rewarding than seeing someone open a gift that I made especially for them.  The look on their faces make it all worthwhile.  And who doesn’t love to decorate for the holidays?  Embroidery adds a touch of class to all your holiday decor.

Throughout September and October, I will be focusing on embroidery designs to help you make your holidays special.  On my Sale page,IMG_2648  I will be listing random “older” designs along with the new ones at intro price.  Intro pricing will last for 1 week from the date I list it.  Be sure to watch the Sale page, you don’t want to miss something!

Enjoy the cooler weather, along with the beautiful colors, but don’t forget to get your embroidery machines stitching out something beautiful to put a smile on someone’s face!!  Happy Stitching!!!